When it comes to operating a small business, the earlier on that you build a quality culture, the better. How you found your company’s culture will go a long way in dictating what it becomes in the future. The best startups with highly qualified employees are ones that offer a culture that attracts talent and retains it. As a team that specializes in startup consulting and offers an array of helpful startup workshops and classes, we are passionate about helping startups across Columbus build companies worth working for.

If you are striving to improve your startup’s culture, we are here to help. Check out these top ways you can improve upon your company culture and build a quality future for your business.

Start With A Conversation

The first place to begin is with a conversation with any of the company’s founders and leaders. If you are starting a small business with one other person or with a whole team, take the time to talk about your goals for your company’s culture. Without discussing the culture you want to create, you will never know how to measure whether or not you are succeeding.

If you already have a startup operating in full swing and you are just now realizing the importance of company culture, it isn’t too late to have a conversation about goals. Sit down with any of the major influencers in the business, such as team leads and managers. Determine what type of a culture you wish to all create together and what you will use as benchmarks of success.

Create Guiding Values

A culture will be driven by the values of your company and the employees therewithin. If you want a company culture that is open and caring, you will need values that reflect that culture choice. For example, if you build your business with one of the core values being “integrity in all we do” this value will spill over into your culture and will create an environment where people are trusting and conscientious.

If you haven’t already done so, sit down this week and build out a list of the values you want to drive your business. You can even include existing employees in this exercise, asking them what values mean the most in their daily lives.

Invest In Meaningful Perks

While pool tables and beer kegs may seem like a trendy way to attract talent, make sure you are also investing in meaningful perks that go beyond the ping-pong table. Think about what will bring added value to your team, such as improved vacation time, excellent health benefits, or flexible job hours.

Gear your perks towards creating healthier employees that are happier and have time for their families. These perks will go a long way in not only retaining quality hires but also in creating a happier culture at work. People who are healthy, well-rested, and feel good about their work-life balance will invest more back into your company when they are on the job.

Take Time Away From The Office

In order to build team rapport, make sure you spend some time away from the walls of your office. Some of the best team bonding occurs when you get out of the space you work in and into the real world. Not only does this give everyone a fun break to look forward to, it allows for creativity to flow more freely. A once-a-month outing away from everyone’s desks can go a long way in building a strong team spirit.

Whether you take a company bike ride to a local restaurant for a bite to eat or you schedule a bowling night, pick activities that will allow everyone to get to know each other without the stress of work looming over their shoulders. Use this time to reset and unwind, leading to improved productivity when you all return.

Understand Your Valuable Role

As the leader of your startup, you play an extremely vital role in the creation of the company culture. If you want a positive work environment with people who are honest, caring, and committed, it has to begin with you. Your team will be a large reflection of who you are as a leader. If you demotivate people and are disliked by employees, your culture will rapidly spiral downward.

If you want to improve your ability to play a positive role in the culture of your company, invest in two things. First, take the time to get feedback from your managers and team leaders. Make sure you allow for constructive criticism in your office so you can constantly improve yourself. Secondly, invest in a mentorship or startup consulting. A small business coach can help you learn where your weaknesses lie and will help point out areas you can improve upon to ensure your company culture is built the way you want.

If you need help with creating the right company culture, outlining a quality business plan, or other startup related tasks, please reach out to our team today to learn more about how we can help. We are proud to provide startup consulting services across the Columbus area to entrepreneurs who wish to succeed.