Hiring employees is one of the most important steps you will take in building your startup. As a small business, you will operate a close-knit team where every single employee will help make or break your newly founded company. Whether you are operating with a large amount of investment capital or you are starting your business the organic way, hiring employees is a huge undertaking.

As a company that specializes in startup consulting, we believe that one key to your future success is finding the right employees for your team. Before your next hire, make sure you check out these tips for finding the right employees and reach out to learn more about our startup business coaching options.

Determine Your Culture And Values Before You Hire

Long before you ever start gathering resumes and setting up interviews, you should take the time to determine what you want your company culture and values to be. Too often startups allow their culture to be formed haphazardly as they grow, without any real direction. If you don’t have a clear idea of what type of culture you want and what values you will base your company’s direction upon, you will fall prey to whatever culture your employees create on their own.

Not only can leaving your culture up to chance result in your new team driving the ship in the wrong direction, it can leave hires uncertain. When you bring on new employees, having a clear definition of your culture will provide them with the knowledge of whether or not they fit that culture.

A great plan is to attend a small business consulting class where you can learn how to build out your company culture and values. This will allow you to be prepared during both the hiring and training process to help portray what direction your startup’s culture is headed. The end result will be a company culture you aimed for, not one you landed on by mistake.

Hire Those Who Have A Learner’s Attitude

When it comes to hiring new employees for your startup, you will run across an array of skill sets and experience. While there is a definite benefit to employees who come to you with an already built knowledge base, the reality is that, in the startup world, the most valuable skill set an employee can have is the ability to learn new things. Someone who is constantly striving to learn more and is willing to self-direct that process will provide you with more benefit than someone who was already trained in your industry but is slow to change, adapt, or learn new concepts.

During the interview process, look for a keen learning attitude. You can delve into questions that provide you with information about what they have self-taught themselves at previous jobs to ascertain how capable they will be of learning on their new job. Pose a problem to them that is outside of their knowledge base and ask them how they would find a solution to this issue. Look for answers that involve researching and learning new concepts to adapt to the unknown.

You can also ask about what new things the potential hire has been learning on their own time. Someone who is passionate about learning will not only focus on learning new skills for their job, their attitude will spill over into all aspects of their life.

When you find someone who is willing to apply themselves and isn’t afraid of teaching themselves new things, you have found yourself a valuable gem for your startup. This employee will be able to grow with your business and will continually offer you new skill sets as they go. Conversely, someone who is set in their ways and has determined that they are already experts in their field will stagnate your business and cost you extra training hours.

Fill In Your Weaknesses

Within every great leader lies at least one weakness. If you don’t know what your weaknesses are, start working towards pinpointing them. Once you know your weaknesses, you can hire to fill in those gaps. The most successful businesses in the world become that way because their founders were willing to hire people to take on the role of their weakest points.

For example, if you know that you are great at developing the big picture but you struggle with diving into the minute details of how to get from point A to point B, hire someone who is talented at crafting those detailed plans. If you know that you are not always the most personable human, hire a right-hand employee who is strong at relationship building.

By hiring to balance out your weakest points as a leader, you can create a solid basis to build your company from. Don’t be afraid of admitting where you need help. Instead, see these areas as a place for company growth.

Think About How The Team Will Fit Together

As you hire more people, you will need to consider how each new member will fit into the team as a whole. Nothing can poison a company as fast as contention among your employees, particularly in a startup. Since your company size is smaller and will require everyone to work in close conjunction across departments, you need to hire people who will meld together constructively. This is where paying attention to personalities as you hire will be critical. Some startups even implement the use of personality tests to ensure that everyone they hire will fit well with their team.

The best employees for startup culture will be those who have a flexible mindset and a willingness to work alongside others. Look for those who share stories in the interview process that involve teamwork and close relationships. Whether they are telling you about a time they worked alongside a coworker to complete a project or they are sharing about their weekend hobby that involves working with others, look for personalities who will easily mesh and are not interested in creating drama.

Seek Out Innovators

A startup requires constant innovation and an unending desire to think ahead of the curve. As you hire employees, look for those who innovate, create, and see every obstacle as a challenge to be overcome. Innovators will have a can-do attitude and will operate with drive. These employees will help fuel your company forward, rather than getting stuck on the issues your small business is sure to face.

Spotting innovators isn’t difficult. These people will approach life with a positive mindset and will demonstrate discipline and drive in all they do. When you are interviewing, avoid people who rag on previous employers or complain about unfair treatment from past jobs. These people will bring their negativity into your company and it will seep like a toxic waste throughout your team. Look instead for those who approach everything with a problem-solving mentality.

An innovator won’t just stop at their day job. Their motivated attitude will spill over into other activities. Pay attention to what hobbies your interviewee has and how driven they seem to be in their life outside of office hours.

Reach Out For Help With Your Startup

If you are in the beginning stages of creating your startup or small business, we are here to help. We offer entrepreneurs the tools they need to succeed in their business ventures. Reach out today to learn more about our courses and resources, geared towards helping you succeed. 10x Growth Labs is here to provide you with the startup consulting you need.