When you are operating a startup, you have to carefully consider each person you hire. In a previous post, we discussed the best tactics for finding the right employees for your team. However, even when you do your best to hire only the perfect fits for your team, the reality is that you will still face bad employees at one point or another.

As a team that specializes in startup consulting in the Columbus area, we believe strongly in the power of a good team. Without the right employees at your newly founded business, growth will be impossible. If you are uncertain when it is best to fire an employee versus invest in training them further, check out these top signs that you should fire an employee.

They No Longer Care About The Company

A sure sign that a team member needs to be fired is when they exhibit signs of not caring about the destiny of the company any longer. If you have an employee who has a flippant attitude about your company’s growth or seems uninterested in investing in the future, it is a good sign they are already on their way out.

Keeping an employee at your startup who is no longer interested in the direction of the business can be damaging to your trajectory of growth. With a small number of employees, you need every single person to show up and give 100 percent to the business every day.

When an employee starts to bring a laissez-faire attitude to work, it is wise to talk to them about this attitude and try to get to the root of the cause. If you can, work with them and determine why they are no longer motivated. It could be due to poor management or other factors you can address. If, however, at the end of the day, they simply do not care, look for a new team member who will treat your business with a motivated attitude.

They Are Toxic To The Culture

All it takes is one toxic person to bring down your entire company culture. A toxic employee will work against the culture you are setting to create and will make it impossible for you to move your team forward into a positive place. Make sure that as you hire more and more employees, you keep taking the temperature on your company culture to ensure no one is sabotaging your culture goals.

A toxic employee might not have come to you in this state. They may have seemed like a great fit in the beginning but, over time, they begin to show their true colors. Someone who is toxic to your culture will have a negative attitude that is directed at the company’s core. For example, an employee who begrudgingly takes part in company culture directed activities will slowly erode the culture and bring others down with them.

If you find yourself with an employee that is toxic to the culture you are trying to create, sit down and try to determine what it is that they find difficult about fitting into the company’s culture. In some cases, you might need to adjust how you are building your culture and you can use this feedback constructively. In other cases, the employee is simply the wrong fit for your business. If you keep someone around who is displeased with your culture and toxic to the formation of it, you will find your culture shifting and other employees will be affected by this negative attitude.

They Actively Create Drama

Do you have an employee who constantly creates drama in the office? This person will commonly gossip and spread dissension wherever they go. In the small culture of a startup, one person can cause a large amount of drama for your team as a whole if unchecked.

If you notice that your company has been suffering from an increased amount of negativity, it could be due to an employee who is creating drama. This person will have difficulty working well with others and will be the most likely to complain about fellow team members. If you notice someone in your company who is constantly upset by other people on the team, you will need to address this issue right away.

When you have an employee creating drama in your office, take the time to sit down with them and try to get to the root of the issue. Unfortunately, most of the time if someone is a drama creator, they will continue to create drama no matter where they go. Getting rid of an employee who creates a dramatic environment will save you from poisoning the whole team.

They Are Unwilling To Grow And Learn

Another example of a team member who will do more harm than good for your company is found in someone who is unwilling to learn and grow. As a startup, you need employees who will constantly work to improve themselves and will strive to learn new skill sets that benefit the team as a whole.

If you are asking an employee to increase their responsibility and to take on new tasks, they should be 100 percent on board. When you get pushback from an employee who refuses to grow and learn new things, this team member either needs to adjust their mentality or you need a new fit.

Every person on the team at a startup should be willing to try new tasks, learn outside of their comfort zone, and strive for improvement. When an employee is struggling in this area, chat with them about why they are holding back. Encourage them to push themselves past their bounds with an environment that allows for people to fail and not be punished. Make sure that you are constantly providing resources to your employees that will help them grow and, ultimately, get rid of employees that won’t strive for improvement.

Remember, in any of the above situations, try first to work with your employees. Learn from their feedback and understand why their actions are occurring. And, as always, be sure to follow local laws and regulations surrounding the termination of an employee.

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