Buy Local, Invest Local

7 Simple Investing Strategies to Earn Passive Income While Supporting Ohio Companies.

We all know, it takes money to make money, right? But your money can make you money from anywhere. Whether you invest in in Wall Street, real estate or Bitcoins, smart investments can earn you 8-15% returns. Did you know you could get those same returns while supporting your local economy? Yes, by supporting local startups and real estate projects you can help build our ecosystem while making Columbus a great place to live, work and play. Don’t give your money to Apple or Wall Street, invest it in a Short North apartment building or OSU biotech company instead. You just need to know the right people. In one night, we will teach you how to invest locally (tax-free) using self-directed IRAs.


Enjoy the best cocktail party of any venture event in Columbus. Plenty of amazing food and drinks, amazing waterfront views and hundreds of investors & entrepreneurs networking into the evening! The Columbus Investors Forum educational event will feature an expert panel discussion on alternative investing techniques and opportunities. We’re investors, entrepreneurs, and community leaders with experience in over a dozen local market sectors. We’re on a mission to eliminate the problem of local investor’s limited access to high-growth investment opportunities in Ohio.


January 23rd, 2019 – The Ivory Room, Miranova II, Columbus, Ohio


Some of the strategies you’ll learn include:

  • Trends in early-stage investing
  • Hot sector identification
  • How to leverage your investments
  • How to use self-directed IRAs
  • How to get the highest ROIs
  • Tax benefits of alternative investing
  • Investment strategies for Ohio
  • And more.