1. Why Now Is The Time To Follow Your Business Dreams

    Whether you have been sitting on a great idea for a company for years or you have recently decided you want to branch out and start your own small business in an industry you know and love, there is no time like the present for reaching your personal business goals. Although diving into small business ownership can feel overwhelming, there is no better time than right now to start following your b…Read More

  2. Top Ways You Can Improve Your Startup’s Culture

    When it comes to operating a small business, the earlier on that you build a quality culture, the better. How you found your company’s culture will go a long way in dictating what it becomes in the future. The best startups with highly qualified employees are ones that offer a culture that attracts talent and retains it. As a team that specializes in startup consulting and offers an array of hel…Read More

  3. Four Pitfalls To Avoid When Running A Small Business

    As a team that works in small business consulting for the Columbus area, we have seen startups of all kinds fail while others succeed. In fact, surviving your first few years as a small business is incredibly difficult. During these early years of your business, it will be vital that you take the right steps to ensure you are on the path to success. If not, you might fall prey to one of the most c…Read More

  4. Signs You Need to Fire an Employee

    When you are operating a startup, you have to carefully consider each person you hire. In a previous post, we discussed the best tactics for finding the right employees for your team. However, even when you do your best to hire only the perfect fits for your team, the reality is that you will still face bad employees at one point or another. As a team that specializes in startup consulting in the …Read More

  5. Small Business Marketing Tips

    When it comes to operating a small business, there is a constant ebb and flow of work to be done. As the founder of a small business, you are responsible for many of these day-to-day tasks. This is particularly true of a young business when you do not have the resources yet to hire entire teams to handle different aspects of your business’ operation. During these early stages, you will be faced …Read More

  6. Five Ways You Can Become A Stronger Entrepreneur

    No matter what type of small business you are starting, whether it is a brick and mortar where you sell goods or an online software startup, you need every tool possible to succeed. As an entrepreneur, you will face an onslaught of obstacles. How you handle each obstacle and how you prepare will play a large role in your ability to succeed. If you are looking for ways to become a stronger entrepre…Read More

  7. The Key To Keeping Quality Employees

    In a previous post, we discussed how you can go about finding the right talent for your startup. When you operate a small business, every single employee will play a major role in the success or failure of your business. Creating a close-knit team of engaged employees will go a long way in creating a truly successful business. Once you have hired the key players you need, your next goal will be to…Read More

  8. Tips For Finding The Right Employees

    Hiring employees is one of the most important steps you will take in building your startup. As a small business, you will operate a close-knit team where every single employee will help make or break your newly founded company. Whether you are operating with a large amount of investment capital or you are starting your business the organic way, hiring employees is a huge undertaking. As a company …Read More